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Supplier Conduct Policy
Purpose & Definition

At BDI, we believe that meeting the highest possible standards of ethical behavior and integrity creates a solid foundation upon which successful business relationships are built. We expect Suppliers to conduct their business in an ethical and responsible manner and require that our Suppliers maintain the following minimum conduct standards.

Standards for Appropriate Supplier Conduct

BDI Suppliers, including their employees, agents and/or representatives, must behave in an ethical manner and avoid all forms of corruption and extortion when dealing with BDI Employees and BDI Customers.

Unlawful harassment of BDI Employees and BDI Customers, including but not limited to sexual harassment and harassment based on race, religion, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation, is strictly forbidden.
Suppliers’ workplaces must be free from harassment or threats of violence.

All employment must be voluntary.

Suppliers must not adversely discriminate in the hiring and promotion of employees.

Suppliers are forbidden to use child labor.

Suppliers must comply with applicable wage laws in the countries or communities in which they operate.

Suppliers’ facilities must meet applicable safety standards in the countries or communities in which they operate.

Suppliers must comply with applicable environmental laws in the countries or communities in which they operate.

Suppliers must respect and not share BDI or BDI Customer confidential information with other parties.


BDI reserves the right to audit Suppliers for compliance with this Policy.

Violations of this Policy will result in a Supplier being placed on probation with BDI until violations are remedied.

Continued violations of this Policy can result in cessation of business with BDI.